Monday, April 19, 2010

sunshine! :)

today is my 6th day in glad because im quite familiar w/the r0utine in the area already...Thank god..Aun..w0rking in one of the prestigi0us h0spital in our c0untry challenged me m0re to work also glad coz The staff are friendly and nice.. :) th0ugh s0metimes i miss my previ0us work and my co-worker there...misses our b0nding so much..aNyways there was this day wherein ms.mel tiangco underwent a stress test..Luckily im still there coz its already 6pm when she g0t there!Aun i was one of the ass. nga eh.. hehe :p i just d0nt kn0w if it'll be air in mel and joey..or if its her pers0nal copy coz the wh0le pr0cedure was video-taped by her camera men.. :)

the next day! got loads of foreigner patient! Asusuall epistaxis! lol n0t just that..i guess i even had internal hem0rrhage lol :)) then there was this guy i saw in recepti0n area..he's s0 cute! Hehe :p omg! pt. pla lol hmmmm actually..the 2 trainee in cardiac rehab are really cute..but i d0nt like them..c0z theyre so so so so..hehe :p
secret! Mwah!

and so happy! were getting closer.. :) ayeeee! Hahaha

im kinda lazy na to type and make kwen2! Hehe

to be c0ntinue..