Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We did it!!! :) SLMC-GC Associates! :)

I am so Happy to inform everyone that we passed the JCIA! We are now accredited by the Joint Commission International :) as for those who don't have idea what is JCI all about, I can give you a bit of info. about it just click this link --->JCI webpage very informative right? haha :D though I know most you didn't click it anyway, unless you're really interested. :)

It was really a great experienced taking part of the first JCIA in our hospital :) during the first day up to the last day of the accreditation you will notice that most of Us (associates) are wearing light make-up and tied up our hair. No Late comer,  another thing is that, we rarely use the lift in going to different floor unless it's really far, we even avoided going out of our Unit unless it's necessary :D haha because we feared that, we might bumped into them (surveyor) at matanong pa at (oh I care about my job! So I'll run for my life and future). ^___^ mwahahaha just kidding! hmmm.. if I were to be ask, I will definitely collapse! haha charot! I'll do my best and answer their question truthfully. Ansabe?!!! haha uunahan ko na sila! here's my line : "so you're asking me, what is PASS, RACE, Mission and the likes?, Oh come on! why don't you ask me  the most basic question like, Mission, Vision and my role here?" kasi I memorized it with all my heart! haha okay! okay! enough with my kalokohan.. what is importat is that like the SLMC-QC, we passed the Accreditation! yeyyy!!!! Bonus! bonus! bonus! haha

Surveyor's Comment:
They said that it is Equipped beautifully, Impressed with the facilities as well as to the Associates :) (oh! thank you) :) they even want to extend the survey..oh Goshness! haha fortunately it was a joke! a very good joke right? :))

We did it! with really flying color 9.89 out of 10!!! Hello Gold Seal! :) <3 p="p">

December 01, 2012

Our Unit Party! Welcoming December and Celebrating the Accreditation at the Cattleya farm Resort in Antipolo, Rizal :) It's a Blast! King's Cup, Swimming, and Foodssss