Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Escapades! :)

It's good to be back! :) I really missed blogging... I've been busy with my work and summer getaway! :D yeah right super extended summer outing... as in walang pahinga..sunugan ng balat! :)) 

Our company outing SLMC-GC summer getaway at STILTS Batangas *April 2012

Meralco Development Center, Antipolo City *Heart Institute, Teambuilding *May 2012

 after duty @SLMC-GC B3, otw to MDC :)

after Party, coffee break at session with our guest :))

Mt. Malarayat Country Club, Lipa City Batangas :) *Stress Lab. Summer Getaway-June 2012

Golden Sunset, Batangas *Monggies (College Friends Reunion :) *June 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan Getaway *Monggies Part II :)
 *July 2012