Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Journey.. :)

in order for Us to see what awaits Us in the end.. I actually had a very rocky-road last year, that most of the time brought tears to my eyes and makes me think that life seems to be  really Unfair.. I always ask myself, why does it have to me or why it should be our family.. however, as I continue to travel those road, I realized that It somehow made me become a better person, I have learned to accept Everything, and CHANGE is really inevitable. so I have to keep going, and be STRONG.

New Year, New Path to travel.. May God continue to guide me along the way.. 

I am looking forward to have a very Awesome Year, more place to travel, new Opportunity for me as well as for my Family and Friends! :) New people to meet, and ofcourse to finally meet that someone who will sweep me off my feet, make me smile even when I am sad or not in a good mood.. hmmm... yung kayang tagalan ang kasungitan ko, at mga topak ko.. haha! and as for now.. I am dating and Happy, I just hope that things will get even better, were still on the process, haha maka-process lang? ongoing sa getting to know each other.. I actually like him na.. but I really want to take it slow this time.. because on my previous relationship? engkk! not relationship pala haha! my previous... M.U-life..I skipped the basics.. so I end up getting hurt.. oh well... that was before.. so right now... I am really trying so hard to hold back my feelings, because I really really want to take it slow.. :)  and may isa pang Issue.. at ayoko pa talaga munang isipin yun.. pero di talaga maiwasan.. haaaayyyy... ayoko muna isipin yun sa ngayon...

*You Got Me :)

I always play this video in the Morning as pagka-gising ko! haha!
It's my ringtone too! :D