Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Hello! I'm back! :) 
I so miss blogging, been away for five months. I remember, I was so emotional back then,
 but I'm okay now. =) Happier and awesomer like that! (neologism attack.) hehe

These are my Awesome activities for the past months.
I had a splendid Summer!!! As in I super duper enjoyed it big time!
some of my wish list were ticked off. Yey! but still have lot's of them

April :) (my birth month)

I Ran with Zombies on Outbreak BGC 2 last April with my friends/colleagues.  I had blast, though I had an injury during the run. :D  but it was just a minor bruise on my right knee and elbow, the prize I get after crashing on the street haha but the whole experience was fun I will definitely join the next outbreak.

I went home late after the run and when I say late, it's Cinderella's time haha. It's few hours before our company outing (SLMC-GC Summer 2013) so I don't really get a good rest for the next days activity haha kuracha lang? but it's okay when you are young, you don't get tired lalo na sa lakwatsa.

Hello MAY (Summer time)

I'm so happy I climbed a Mountain for the very first time. As in no word can explain how elated I was seeing those glorious views from the summit, though it's only a minor climb, still it was a climb to remember; as a beginner I really had a hard time catching up with their pace during our trek, I even thought It would be easy for me because I exercise almost every day but obviously, it wasn’t! haha They’re even nice to ask if we’re still okay during the climb and call for take 5. I was sweating like hell, my clothes are soaked and I was feeling lightheaded, but still I acted like I’m okay hehe I was actually battling with myself the entire trek ( I swear!) I keep on telling myself that I can do it, I will reach the summit hindi ako magiging pabigat. As we continue on our trek I learned to love those roots, bamboos and other plants on our way up, because if it weren’t for them I won’t be able to keep going haha I hold onto them kasi to pull myself up and to keep my balance. Lastly, I am truly grateful I was with the EEI boys/ IsangBackpackKaLang on my first climb they were so NICE as in super duper NICE, GENTLEMAN and FUN to be with and thank you (Rommel) for inviting me. ^_^ It's not a dream anymore.
 I am really HAPPY! I got new friends too! Thank you so much guys! =) looking forward to climb with you again =)

with my new friends.
butt gliding. lol 

ME! feeling brave on top of the Monolith.

Nagsasa Cove Escapades

Awesome Joint Summer Escapades of AU-Nurses and PUP-Engineers =) We headed to Zambales on Saturday morning last May 26 and scheduled to head back the next day May 27. I luuurrvveee the overnight stay @ the Island with old friends and new ones. We arrived at the cove at about 2pm in the afternoon with a dark cloudy sky it’s like the rain will start pouring down any minute, but thanked God it didn't rain. The group were divided in 2 groups. Team 1 and Team 2 for the socials and tasks.

Second Day @NagsasaCove

We didn't realize we were making memorieswe just knew we were having fun.

- shelovesyou :)