Monday, March 4, 2013

Everythings Okay

I’m still trying to be okay now. =) doing my usual thing, my routine before I met him.
I hang out with my friends more often, doing our usual thing, going to the mall make fun with each other, making scene on the crowd like a child, doing crazy things! Haha just last week I went to visit my friend working at fitness first, I am not actually a member yet but looking forward to be a member, maybe one of these days. I’m still thinking, so far I enjoy going there as a guest haha *abusive* hmmm..  I really luuuurrveeee   sauna and steam bath after working out, it’s so refreshing! =)  oh!  Their coffee too! The facilities and the staffs are great as well! Excellent service!  =) then after our workout we went to market-market and check on some trekking shoes at Olympic village because I’m into Mountain climbing now, and as I was checking on some stuffs, Karen came in to me and punched me using a cute-pink boxing gloves! Yes, real gloves it doesn’t really hurt that bad but of course, I didn’t let it pass I punched her too with my fist! Then walked on a fast pace inside the store unfortunately she caught me and did the same. She walked out of the store really fast, I followed her still trying to act normal, just smiling at those dumbfounded staffs in the store, and once I’m out of the store I chased her all the way to the escalator and finally caught her Haha she actually fell down in front of the cinema, so I took advantage of it, put all my weight on her and started punching her so lightly haha we were both laughing so hard that we even forgot were on a public place! Good thing, it’s almost closing time. When we get back to earth I scanned the crowd and was quite embarrassed because they’re all staring at us, it’s as if were some kind of psycho =)) it was actually extremely Fun! hahaha after that we decided to stay at Seattle’s best and wait for Dennis, we were still catching our breath as we arrived there, and while waiting, we saw this two “pepper-guy” dating, to kill time, we dubbed their conversation based on their expressions and gestures.  We were laughing like crazy, There were times wherein they would glance at our table and we’ll just smile at them hahaha  =)) Adik lang diba! :D  It was Fun crazy-night! =)

Just recently I engaged myself more in physical activities like running and working out after duty. If I’m lucky I sometimes run with my roommate Camil/Colleagues, but most of the time I run alone, btw I am happy because I can do curl ups/advanced sit ups correctly. Without stressing my nape lol haha

Hmmm  I actually have a goal before summer! And that is to be lean and fit! =) I can do it haha I hope ^_^ I’m preparing now kasi for my very first hiking! Wheeeeeeeeee I am not excited! I swear, I am not, really, I’m not! Haha don’t wanna get too excited but I can’t help it! I really want to climb the Mt. Pulag! Oh please! Sana matuloy, It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t care if my skin will get darker and my glutathione intake will , that eeekkyy-sticky feeling after a long walk, climb and won’t be able to take a bath for 3 days? It’s fine with me . The hell I care, I’ll sacrifice all those comfy-things just to see “The Sea of clouds”. It was actually my secret dream to climb a mountain and see those, breath taking sceneries from above and because Nature never really fails to amaze me.

And just  One day, I would love to sit under the tree, breathe in some fresh air, embraced the cold breeze with my iPod on, piece of paper, a pen beside my boyfriend (unknown yet)

Yes, I’m still hoping that he’s definitely on his way now to finally meet me, and that’s called Empowering belief! ^_^

Please Slow Down, Check point:
 Hey! Have you seen him? Who? Of course, my future boyfriend! Haha or if in any case you see him or  you bumped into him, please tell him, I’m just here. Patiently waiting for his arrival, but please do tell him that “don’t make me wait too long” because somebody else might come and abduct me  or fool me again.  I’m tired of taking risks/chances with Uncertainty! I’m scared! So please, hurry up and tell him, okay? hehe

 And lastly I still think of him randomly? Alright not randomly the right word is all the time *sigh*can somebody please help me, I am actually trying my best not to think of him lately, I even changed my diary now. Because whenever I try to write something on it, I always end up, reading those Happy Days I had with him and it makes me really sad. There were actually incomplete entries there, because I was too happy and lazy to write back then. I actually regret not filling in those pages, because I have to look back on what happened that day. Oh well #throwback. Someday I’ll complete it if I still remember what happened.  Oh talk about burying memories that once made you happy, but causes you pain now. =( haaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!

Journey Notebook.. .

You Can't start the Next Chapter of your LIFE.
If you keep re-reading the Last one.

Every night I think of him, wondering what made him change his mind. What went wrong? Why does he have to make me happy and feel special, if he would just leave me I really hate him for that, but I hate myself more for letting him IN my life for that short period of time. 

“I fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily, and care too much.”
 He’s the best thing I never I had. 

This song, is really perfect of what I am feeling right now...

What If..