Monday, March 29, 2010

hiyeee :)
they were all my friend! The marchies birthday celebrants! :)

Happy Birthday guys! Wish y0u all the best in life! :) take care!




anyways! f0r my march update! Theres s0 many things have changed in my life..& career..i just h0pe that its f0r h0ping..

-my friend texted me if want to w0rk in St.Lukes, i said YES!ofc0urse! who d0esn't want to w0rk there? hehe then i was sh0cked c0z i need to go there! in SLMC t0m0rr0w as in bukas?! 0_0 actually i was having a sec0nd th0ught pa that time.. T_T kasi i need to let go my OR career..and that makes me sad coz im going to miss them my OR family..& i really really wanted to be an OR Nurse..Haiii im s0 c0nfused..i even asked s0me of my friends opini0n pa..they said yes!Why n0t give it try the next day march 31 i went to SLMC with my semi-f0rmal dress & requirements with me..i t0ok the exam(the super exam 325 items),interview & medical exam...Unf0rtunately i wasn't able to finish my ME bc0z of that fecalysis T_T i waited till 5pm h0ping that i would..You kn0w..Hehe but i didn't grrr! >:( so i decided 2 go h0me & give it on m0nday since i need to get my result & fixed all the req. it was really a long day!! Then when i g0t h0me..SURPRISE!

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